Letter from the president

Dear Fellow Oklahoma Educators,

Hello! Having recently assumed the role as president of Learning Forward Oklahoma, I extend a warm greeting to educators across this state where individuals, families, schools, districts and communities are dedicated to providing a quality educational experience for all students. Despite the unique learning situation placed before us in 2020, coupled with uncertainty about how schools will provide learning in the fall, we bravely press onward with our goal of providing awareness, guidance and resources on high-quality professional learning as defined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Learning Forward Oklahoma provides professional learning opportunities for site and district teachers and leaders.

  • Mentor Development: Led by a Learning Forward Oklahoma (LFOK) facilitator, teachers and leaders gain knowledge, skills, and resources to develop effective mentoring relationships with novice teachers that result in teacher growth and an improved student experience. Mentors learn strategies to assess practice and provide meaningful feedback to teachers, with the goal of supporting teachers to create and sustain classrooms that address the needs of every learner and foster continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.  LFOK’s Mentor Development Series is designed to engage current and prospective mentors in interactive, practice-based learning, that supports their development in providing the adaptive teacher support needed to ensure student success. Intended Audience: School Administrators and Teacher Leaders.
  • Aligning Professional Learning to a District’s Vision and Mission: Working with a select team of teachers and leaders, participants will take a deep dive into Learning Forward’s professional learning standards, create a professional learning mission statement aligned to the district’s vision and mission, and articulate a strategic plan containing action steps, milestones, and responsibilities. Intended Audience: School Administrators and Teacher Leaders.
  • BASE Camp – Building And Supporting Educators: Working in partnership with district leadership, LFOK provides a 5-day, rigorous learning experience aligned to the PPAT certification.  This includes understanding the teaching context, understanding assessments to measure and inform student learning and lesson planning, designing instruction for student learning, implementing and analyzing instruction, demonstrating learning, and celebrating participants’ accomplishments. Intended Audience: Teachers seeking alternative paths of certification and new teachers.
  • Understanding Your Teaching Context: Led by an experienced LFOK facilitator, participants will gain information on their teaching context by exploring district demographic data, identifying resources, reviewing stages of child development, gaining an awareness of learning styles. Intended Audience: Teachers seeking alternative paths of certification and new teachers.
  • The First Days of School: In this engaging workshop participants will prepare for the first days of schools by defining classroom rules and procedures, establishing student and family communication, and creating student interest surveys. Intended Audience: Teachers seeking alternative paths of certification and new teachers.
  • Understanding Standards, Objectives, and How to Assess: Participants will take a deep dive into Oklahoma Academic Standards, learning objectives, and appropriate assessments. Intended Audience: Teachers seeking alternative paths of certification and new teachers.
  • How Do I Know What They Know? In this workshop participants will gain an awareness of a variety of formative assessment strategies and identify appropriate strategies in lesson planning. Intended Audience: Teachers seeking alternative paths of certification and new teachers.
  • We All Learn a Little Differently: In learning to support diverse student needs,  participants will identify a variety of differentiation strategies to create lesson plans appropriate for all students. Intended Audience: All teachers.
  • Deep Dive Into Lesson Planning:  Participants will identify the necessary components of an effective lesson plan and create a detailed lesson plan that identifies 1) learning goals and prior knowledge, 2) instructional strategies, and 3) lesson activities that monitor for student learning during the course of the lesson. Intended Audience: All teachers.

In addition, our networking meetings for districts and professional learning providers continue to evolve  as the LFOK board reviewed the successes and challenges presented in previous convenings and planned for 2021 events. Stay tuned for more information!

If your district is interested in learning about professional learning standards or any of the professional learning opportunities we can facilitate, please reach out by emailing learningforwardok@gmail.com.


Our partnership with Learning Forward continues to focus on advocacy for education funding. For more on the latest, please visit https://learningforward.org/advocacy/.

Looking Forward:

Learning Forward Oklahoma stands committed to sharing standards and practices of professional learning, and supporting educators at every career stage. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve.


Susan Pinson, President Learning Forward Oklahoma

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