Beth Albert

Executive Director, Staff Development and Student Achievement

Norman Public Schools

Beth Albert has been the NPS Executive Director of Staff Development and Student Achievement since July 2012. In this position she is responsible for planning and coordinating all staff development required and supported by the district, and for overseeing the district’s benchmark testing program and its compliance with the state’s testing and school accountability mandates.

Ms. Albert served as Principal of Roosevelt Elementary from 2008-2012 and, previous to that position, was a principal and assistant principal in Yukon for 10 years. She has taught Grades 2nd-6th during her 30 years as a public educator and earned numerous honors, including being named a school Teacher of the Year and receiving the Elizabeth Ramos Outstanding Achievement Award and the OAESP District 11A Administrator of the Year Award.

Her leadership resulted in schools she led receiving grants and scholarships from the Schools for Healthy Lifestyles, Great Expectations, the Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition, and many others, resulting in improved achievement and opportunities for all students.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Oklahoma State University and her master’s from the University of Central Oklahoma.